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Sept 22, 2019: 
Presenting at GSA Phoenix with UPJ students Kyle Sarver and Susan Ma

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I am currently working on several projects. Most of my projects are in the fields of Metamorphic Petrology, Igneous Petrology, Tectonics, and Environmental Assessment:

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Top images (left to right): Geologic Map of the Youngsford Road ultramfic body; field work at Bells Mill Road with Ryan Kerrigan, Loring Simboli, and Sam Louderback; XPL image of orthopyroxene altering to anthophyllite; Secondary electron image of relict olivine altering to serpentine; field contact between the Bells Mill granodiorite and the Wissahickon schist; trace element chemical discrimination diagram for serpentinites. Copyright © 2019 Ryan Kerrigan (last updated Sept 2019)