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May 2024: 
Dr. Kerrigan finishes his tenth year at Pitt-Johnstown.

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This Semester (Fall 2024) I will be teaching:
   GEOL-0200 Geodynamics 
   GEOL-1110 Structural Geology

Next Semester (Spring 2025) I am teaching:
   GEOL-0093 Geology and Cinema 
    GEOL-1090 Geochemisty
   GEOL-1109 Report Writing

Full list of classes taught at Pitt-Johnstown:
GEOL-0015 Physical Geology
   GEOL-0061 Historical Geology
    GEOL-0092 Geology of National Parks - next taught Spring 26
   GEOL-0093 Geology and Cinema - next taught Spring 25
   GEOL-0200 Geodynamics - taught every fall   
    GEOL-0220 Fossil Fuels
- next taught Spring 26
   GEOL-1000 Mineralogy - next taught Fall 25
   GEOL-1004 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology - next taught Spring 26
    GEOL-1090 Geochemisty - next taught Spring 25
   GEOL-1109 Report Writing - next taught Spring 25
   GEOL-1110 Structural Geology - next taught Fall 24
    GEOL-1157 Geologic Field Methods - next taught Summer 25

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Top images (left to right): Teaching kindergarteners about geology; the rock cycle; Field camp classroom Upper Taylor River, Gunnison Natl. Forest, CO; IUGS Mafic rock classification triangle; Field camp students at Starr Peak, Gunnision Natl. Forest, CO
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